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Captain Levi  by faithfulservant13 Captain Levi :iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 3 Magic! by faithfulservant13 Magic! :iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 0 SHERLOCK calligraphy artwork by faithfulservant13 SHERLOCK calligraphy artwork :iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 3
Sherlock x Investigative Writer! Reader
  He hated her.  Loathed her with a passion.  That annoying, bubbly, overly-curious new tenant in 221 C.  Sherlock hated the way she bounced down the stairs past his flat every morning.  Sherlock hated how she would delay John from running errands for him with her constant chatting.  But more than anything he detested how her loud Disney music would break into the silent abyss of his mind palace.  
  Such an annoyance was occurring again this rainy London morning.  “Bells of Notre Dame” vibrated through the ceiling and echoed off the walls of 221 B, therefore shattering Sherlock’s mental palatial state.  
  “Arghh!” cried Sherlock, throwing his hands up in frustration as he leapt up from the sofa, “What the bloody hell is that confounded woman doing.”
  “Sherlock,” John warned, “it’s her apartment now, leave her be.”
  “Oh for heaven
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Squished  by faithfulservant13 Squished :iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 4 3 Talk About Blue by faithfulservant13 Talk About Blue :iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 0 1 It's Never too Late to Play... by faithfulservant13 It's Never too Late to Play... :iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 0 Tranquil Ocean Sunset by faithfulservant13 Tranquil Ocean Sunset :iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 2 1
I am Afar
 The rolling waves,
The soft bubbling skims of blue/green water,
Fold over like well knead dough.
I observed, as one could only observe with pleasure,
The green trees laden with happy birds,
Their branches draped with sunlight.
I heard a child’s laughter, as he chased the geese away from the shore.
To the fisherman’s ear a fleeting slap of a jumping fish came, a rousing affair,
Yet I am nowhere near,
I am afar.
 In my minute tangerine kayak,
I am in the world,
Away from the world.
My paddle stroked the water,
Creating ripples on the glass-like surface that were almost like a majestic train or cape made of crystal.
I lowered my paddle once reaching the heart of the lake,
I sat with the gentle sun on my back,
And the slight breeze caressing my skin.
Swans and geese paraded upon this reflective dance floor,
Their glorious ripples trailing out behind them as they gracefully made their way across the distance.
Then all vanished, turning from reality to imagination,
I a
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Scarlet Conspiracy (Ch 6.)
Thomas hung his wet towel around his neck and sighed, enjoying the luxury of being clean.  He made his way into the kitchen, where he could smell the dinner Dr. Calter was putting on that evening.  He didn’t know what it was, only that it smelled delicious.  
 “May I help,” he asked, then quickly said as she gave him a skeptical look,” I already checked everything out, you’re safe….I….just am bored.  And quite frankly put, it would be rude of me to not help the chef.”
 Smiling, she looked at him and said honestly, “I am no chef, but I would appreciate your help.”
 Both, in a matter of minutes, were completely absorbed in their work.  Each focusing on the task at hand, each thinking their own separate thoughts.  Thomas’ thoughts were based on his growling stomach, as the aroma from the steaming pot made his inners squirm in anticipation of the tasty treat awaiting him.  Ye
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 0
Scarlet Conspiracy (Ch 5.)
 “Look out!” Dr. Calter shouted.
Tom slammed on the brakes as an out-of-control vehicle swerved onto their side of the road.  The vehicle kept coming and hit their car on the side, which made their car violently go down the hill next to the road and crash into a tree.  The world went black after the impact of the crash, but Thomas’ last thought as they hit the tree was that he recognized the driver of the opposing car.  The driver, had black hair, wore a tan suit, had thin-wired glasses, and smiled all the way to impact.
“Are they alive?” The Boss asked, hands folded together in expectation.
  “Yes, they are alive.  I just received the call, the act was successful, I believe the deception is complete,” Mr. Windslor said.
 “Good, you are not the large disappointment I took you for,” the B
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 0
This is the Effect
Wild sobs of sadness,
Reflect teary,
Empty eyes,
Depending upon a thread of hope,
Hidden strength revealed,
This is the effect,
Of cancer.
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Poets can only think,
In fragments,
Shards of thought that form,
A broken mirror,
Of our soul bared through our work.
And when the pieces catch the sunlight,
The beauty of fragments sharp and bold,
Is quite a sight,
For the eye to behold.
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 3 1
Scarlet Conspiracy (Ch 4)
“Mr. Windslor,” the Boss intoned,” I presume you have good news.”
“Very good, sir. The spider is in position, all is going accordingly,” Windslor stated robotically.
 He had practiced this speech a dozen times, preparing to come before his boss, but each second in this room scared him.  Of all his fears, Mr. Windslor feared his boss most of all.  For his boss didn’t just fire him when he stepped out of line or made a mistake, this boss fired at him.  No way, was he going to cross the Boss, nor would he ever consider abandoning this job either.  If he did he would not get his share of the money, and the Boss would most likely kill him as well.
 “Was your agent cooperative? Did he take the task, and did you inform him of the drop off point?”
 “All affirmative sir.  I also hired Mr. Sevitch person’lly to take out the fly when the time was right. Everything is ready sir.”
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 0
Scarlet Conspiracy (Ch 3.)
  As soon as the door was closed, Dr. Calter guided the cold man to a chair and put a warm cup of coffee in his stiff hands.
     “Thank you,” Thomas said,” it was getting a little chilly out there.”
     “You’re welcome,” Dr. Calter said looking at her feet,” I have a makeshift bed in the living room if you want it.  I mean, I know it’s not perfect, well hardly a real bed….but it might be more comfortable than the trunk of your car.”
 Thomas was very taken aback by the kindness this stubborn woman possessed.  He wondered to himself why someone would want to kill this innocent young person, but then he quickly reminded himself that it was none of his business.
 “Thank you,” he replied gruffly.
 The two sat in awkward silence for a couple minutes, Thomas just enjoying his drink while Dr. Calter tried to think of what to say. After a good five minutes
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 0
Balloon Brain
When I'm really tired,
My brain feels like a blue balloon.
Drifting on a light summers breeze,
Bobbing up and down on random thoughts,
Or hovering over nothing at all,
My mind in my weariness,
Becomes a blue balloon,
And escapes through my ear,
Flying far away from where it was once encased,
To places where no one can follow,
Dreaming dreams and thoughts,
That make no sense,
To anyone,
But me.
My brain has become like a blue balloon,
And I bend in the breeze, allowing my mind to be free.
:iconfaithfulservant13:faithfulservant13 1 0


Poe Dameron x Reader - I'm Not Going Anywhere
   I was screaming, screaming, screaming - for the torture to end, for the sounds to stop, for the pain inside my head to subside. Every other second, something burned my left side, as if a scalding hot pole were being pressed into it. I could feel my forehead streaming with blood, which ran down into my eyes and blinded me.
   It hurts, doesn’t it?
   The voice resonated throughout my head painfully, as if needles were being dragged along the inner walls of my skull. I didn’t want to hear the words, to understand them - I wished the voice would die off along with the rest of the pain.
    Don’t you wish it could all somehow end?
    Tears streamed down my face, washing away some of the blood and allowing me to see his dark, menacing silhouette. He was reaching his hand towards my face, tearing up the inside of my mind, all while the other figures around me continued to cause me phys
:iconijudgelove:ijudgelove 44 5
Older Peter Pan X Older Reader: Part 39
You emerged from the stairs, stumbling on unsteady legs onto the main deck of the ship. The gusts of wind from being above-deck suddenly began roaring in your ears as your lungs inhaled the refreshing brine of the sea air. The comforting sounds of the sea which had been muffled below-deck suddenly came to life all around you in vigorous force. Somewhere in the distance the loud caws of seagulls filled the air like a broken chorus, adding a discordant harmony to the steady rhythm of the gentle lapping of the waves as they were pushed and pulled by the whim of the ever rising tide. The sun was almost finished setting on the horizon. The brilliant burnt orange orb was just barely visible as a large smattering of lavender and dull grey clouds threatened to smother its last vestiges of light. The expanse of sky above you was quickly darkening with every second as millions of stars began to appear and make their presence known. You felt a small sense of relief at just being able to stand out
:iconqueentakesjack22:queentakesjack22 49 45
Rescued (Officer!Levi x Reader)

            "Requesting all police backup, repeat, requesting all police backup." Officer Levi looked up from his paperwork at the sound of his pager going off. Furrowing his eyebrows, he turned the volume dial, effectively making it louder. "Backup is requested at the scene of Maria shopping mall. Unknown number of personnel taken hostage. Warning, perpetrator is armed and dangerous." Levi felt his stomach sink slightly. As an officer of the law, it was his job and duty to protect the people of the city. Quickly grabbing his pager, and making sure his gun was in his belt, he made his way to his cruiser, where Levi's partner, a young rookie by the name of Eren Jeager, waited. "Oi brat, make sure you've got a full clip, just to be safe," Levi ordered as he started the cruiser and sped out of the station, followed by several others, one of whom was his commander in chief, Erwin Smith. 
:iconjokerxdrocellx:JokerxDrocellx 38 11
Levi X Reader- The Necklace of Memories
A/N: Um... Hi guys! This is just a quick one-shot I thought of as I was looking through my jewelry my grandmother has given me. Hope you enjoy as always! I'll try to update often, sorry if it takes awhile ahead of time.
S/N: Son's name
F/N: Your first name.
E/C: Eye Color
  "Mommy, what's this?" Your son S/N asked as he pulled lightly on your necklace. S/N is two turning three in a few days. He is almost a spitting image of Levi, besides his eyes which are E/C.
  "This is a necklace I would like to give to your little sister." You placed your hand on your bloated stomach of six months of pregnancy.
  You glanced down at the necklace which Levi had just picked up from the pawn shop with his first paycheck from the Corps. You, Isabel, Farlan, and Levi were captured underground by the Survey Corps and forced to join.
~Flashback in a flashback because I can~
  "Big brother, I'm hungry!" Complained Isabel as she stared out
:iconwhoviansunite9:WhoviansUnite9 4 2
Older Peter Pan X Older Reader: Part 38
It took you quite some time to stop yourself from crying. The total wretchedness of the Darling children's life stories weighed heavily on your heart. How could this have happened? How could everyone have let this happen? Your mind kept asking you questions that you had no answers for. The worst one of all was what you were going to do next. Sometime in-between your sobs Hook had gently ushered you over to a hidden nook at the front side of the room, just a little away from the door. Your head had begun to throb from all the crying at that point and so you had barely registered that his bedroom had been hidden behind a black lacquered wall panel. How very much like a pirate was all you could manage to think at the time. The Captain had eased you down onto his ink colored silken sheets and then he had pulled an ornately embroidered crimson pillow beneath your aching head. He had muttered some reassuring words and tucked you in before placing a few handkerchiefs beside your curle
:iconqueentakesjack22:queentakesjack22 40 52
Akatsuki no Yona: Blue Dragon Shin-ah Copic by Tiha90 Akatsuki no Yona: Blue Dragon Shin-ah Copic :icontiha90:Tiha90 215 85 Shin Ha by KaruraS Shin Ha :iconkaruras:KaruraS 16 4 Shin-Ha by lunaxfear Shin-Ha :iconlunaxfear:lunaxfear 12 2
That Night
Title: That night
Theme: #13 Nightmare
Series: Akagami no Shirayukihime
Disclaimer: All characters of the following story belong to Akizuki Sorata.

…It was that night again. Each and every time he knew what was going to occur next— he knew he was reliving a memory, that he was stuck in a nightmare, but it still left him shaken every single night. Watching them scream at each other, seeing her slap him, watching as the anger flared up in his eyes and the metal of the knife reflect in the light, right before he brought it down to his mother's face. Blood-curling screams ripped through the night and that man would run away, casting a last hatred look at him. And God, here was so much blood.
He would then feel his legs free themselves from paralysis and run up to his mother with an outstretched arm. She was kneeling on the floor, screaming in pain, covering her eyes that she had just lost.
But this dream… for once, it felt di
:iconyuleira:Yuleira 19 33
Caught Off-Guard
A/N: Wheeeee my first AnS ff! I dedicate this to Nati :D *hugs* She's the one that showed me this beautiful manga filled with wonderful characters and a great storyline. Unfortunately the updates of AnS are quite slow, so I have no idea how to survive another month… And sadly I noticed the lack of fanart/fanfiction of 'Akagami no Shirayukihime'. …I wonder why that is… Maybe too less people know about it? Anyways, with Nati's help I want to show you more of this series :D
This One-Shot takes place in Chapter 26. And it has SPOILERS. So don't read this if you don't know what's going on or don't want to be spoilered! >,
:iconyuleira:Yuleira 17 20
'Surprise': Part one
Tintin sat on his bed staring at the telephone. he glanced up at the clock and twiddled his thumbs nervously.
"Any minute now." he reassured himself. then the phone rang.
He immediately picked it up
"Hello, Tin-head."
the silky voice on the other end replied.
Tintin practically melted at the sound of her voice
"oh, h-hello Victoria. How are you?"
"I'm fine. how are you?"
"oh, I'm okay."
"Good. I'm just calling to talk to you about Sunday; are you sure Cap'n Haddock doesn't know?"
"yes I'm sure." Said Tintin trying to be serious. On Sunday, it was Captain Haddocks 47th birthday, and while Tintin was just going to give him a present (seeing as Haddock didn't like big parties) Victoria insisted that they hold a small surprise party on 'The Sirius'.
"So you have the cake and such?" Victoria asked.
"OH CRUMBS!" He shouted, immediately cupping his hands over his mouth.
"Golly, Tin-head! Tone it done!" Victoria yelled back.
"Sorry i forgot the cake!"
"Well I'll come around tomorrow t
:iconharlequinn133:Harlequinn133 2 5
Dr. Feelgood
"Easy...OW! HEY! I SAID EASY!"
"Sorry Victoria, i never done this before." Tintin apologized as he threaded the last stitch
"I'm not really a man of medicine."
"I noticed." Victoria sat up and looked down at the 4 stitches in her shoulder "Who would've known that a card could do that?"
"Never underestimate the power of anger."
The pair turned to Captain Haddock who causally leaned in the doorway. "Sorry 'bout that, Vicky."
"It's okay Cap'n. Just please don't play poker with me again if you're not used to losing so easily."
Haddock smiled and walked over to her chair, putting an arm around her he sat down. He smiled and tousled her hair. "I still say you were cheating."
Her pale face screwed up at him and stuck out it's tongue. In a way she reminded the Captain of Abdullah, always running amok and playing pranks.
One time, when she came to stay in Brussels for the week, she set up a spring trap in Tintin's bathroom and...well, lets just say it took a long time to cut him out of the show
:iconharlequinn133:Harlequinn133 8 18
First date and The aftermath
"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest! yo ho ho and a bottle comes next?"
Tintin rolled his eyes and supported Victoria as she tried to walk. Once again, she was drunk.
"A bottle of Rum." He reminded her.
"How can you remember that?" she asked as if he had just quoted the entire works of Shakespeare "That's so many words!"
Tintin chuckled and pulled her arm over his shoulders. Ever since the day she first kissed him, Tintin had been completely smitten. The captain suggested that he court her. He took the idea up straight away and arranged to take her to a Cabaret. She of course, was thrilled at the concept, but insisted that the captain tag along since he had been setting them up. Unfortunately, the long night led to Victoria's intoxication.
"Good thing that casteroily woman was preforming at the cabaret or YOU would have TWO drunk captains on your shoulder!"
"For the last time Vic, her name is CastaFIORE."
"...Oh yeah. It is isn't it? Ha!"
The two continued to trudge t
:iconharlequinn133:Harlequinn133 7 4
Sick Days (Steve Rogers X Reader)
Blowing your nose for the 73rd time that morning, you finally decided to take another pain killer. Although they weren't helping, you wanted some relief for your agonizing headache, and the dizzy feeling didn't help.
Your phone buzzed in your pocket, signaling a text message. With a grin you pulled it out, the brightness of the screen making you wince. Opening the text from your husband, you smiled. He sent you one every hour during your work days. They were either quick little notes as in I love you or check ins.
*Hey Honey, how is your day so far?*
You dimmed the brightness of your phone before responding.
*It's good. :)*
You hated lying to Steve but you needed to get this paperwork filled before the end of the week. Your phone buzzed again.
*You sure? You seemed pretty out of it this morning, even Sammy was worried.*
You sighed, your 4 year old son was too much like his father. He had a great attention to detail, so he could easily tell when someone wasn't feeling their best. Much t
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 540 100
Erwin Smith Potrait by Brilcrist Erwin Smith Potrait :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,645 128
~Kissing You Better~ Erwin x Reader Chapter 3
This was an absolute nightmare. You stood high up in a ridiculously tall tree at the entrance to a forest of even larger trees, looking down at the grotesque faces of titans, all too eager to tear you limb from limb. What the hell was going on in the forest, where Erwin's group had entered not to long ago, followed by Squad Levi and most lately by that Female-type titan?
After a single glance at her, you were immediately unsettled and confused. Why did she look so familiar to you?
Snarling as an aberrant titan began climbing between two trees to say hello to you and eat you for dinner, you surveyed the surrounding area. After seeing no other titans in the immediate vicinity, you lunged downwards with your gear and a slashed a wide chunk out of its neck. It fell to the ground with a dull thump!
You maneuvered your way closer towards a group of people. Soldiers were supposed to stay with their squads, but considering yours was dead, you'd have to make do. Being placed on the right flank
:icontheelysianproject:theelysianproject 224 33



61 deviations
   I've been writing away, mostly on poetry.  I would add more to Scarlet Conspiracy, but it doesn't seem to be as popular as my poetry so :-) poetry it is.  I am working on a magical fictional story involving a group of rebels and a Scribbler (a person who uses words for magic, it's hard to explain unless you read it).  I'm still unsure whether I should make it a deviation or not, but I am really enjoying writing it.  I want to write a fan-fiction or one-shot for a fictional character but I'm not sure which character I should do a one-shot for.  

    Personally I am about to get braces.....(Waaaah! pales and hides in the closet) heart goes out to anyone getting braces or going through a medical dilemma.  

       Braces are tough, 
       And that's no lie,
       But although it's rough,
       I know I won't die,
       For what doesn't kill you,
       Only makes you stronger.

Hehe what can a say, a poet's poor attempt at humor


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"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney
It is so true, I am a super curious person. I love Jesus Christ. I am a bit of a bookworm. I am a huge Disney fan, I love sweet tea, and my two favorite books are the Bible and Peter and the Starcatchers (I highly recommend it, great story!). I love writing, it's a passion of mine. I suppose my being on Deviantart is to see if my writing is any good....I guess...mostly it's because I love reading other people's work on Deviantart and am excited to see if anyone will read mine. Oh and I love BBC Sherlock, so all those out there with Sherlock fanfics, my hats off to you for your work! Anyways, read to your hearts content. Please comment! I could always use advice :-) and God bless.
As ever,


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